Age range: 15-19
Height: 165cm

Accents: Australian, Standard American, British

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Recently cast in:
Romper Stomper, Season 1, Stan 2018
The Gateway – FF – produced by Filmscope Entertainment, Dir: John V. Soto
Offspring season 6 & 7: Brody Jordan: 
Hunters – Syfy – Producer: Gale Ann Hurd

2015: Outstanding Achievement in Acting – Filmbites – Judge Tenille Kennedy 

Shannon is an exciting, dedicated and fearless actress whose emotional reach and understanding of character belies her young age. She has dedicated herself to her training while pursuing opportunities in the industry. In 2016 Shannon was cast as Emme in Gale Ann Hurd’s (The Walking Dead, The Terminator) new TV Series Hunters after a nationwide search for the right actress.On completion of Hunters she was soon cast in Offspring a troubled teen Brody Jordan, a role she has relished and is looking forward to reprising in 2017. Also in 2017 will be the release of her first feature film The Gateway which she stars in opposite Jacqueline McKenzie.When she is not acting Shannon is active as a writer and filmmaker, having written and produced two films that were nominated for the Australian Teacher’s of Media Awards (ATOM) in film-making, which recognises excellence in media production at school age level. OFFSPRING
#Offspring – Twitter comments:
“The actress playing Brodie was fantastic”
“I’m a crying mess. What an emotional birth”
“”That was one helluva birthing scene. Emotional roller coaster”
“Wow. Shannon Berry is talented as hell. Most realistic distressed birth I have ever seen”
“Amazing births scene. Had me in tears”
Facebook: Loved this episode!!! I hope Harry lasts. The actress who plays Brodie did so well. Logie for new talent for her!”
Mammamia:  ‘Brody’s screams of pain are so real they send a chill down my spine and I nearly mute the TV.’
‘These are big shoes for anyone to fill, stepping into such a strong ensemble, but Shannon does it with ease and poise way beyond her years.’ Head of Drama for Network Ten, Rick Maier (Offspring).
“Shannon Berry’s performance is raw, and ground her scenes in a stark realism…” (Hunters)


We are thrilled to finally be able to announce that Filmbites actor SHANNON BERRY has been cast in HUNTERS, a new series…

Posted by Filmbites on Wednesday, September 23, 2015