Priscilla-Anne Forder

Age Range: 24-34
Height: 172cm
Accents: Australian, RP

For a full list of Priscilla’s Credits, Skills and Attributes please visit:

Priscilla Forder – IMDb
Priscilla Forder – Showcast
Priscilla Forder Showreel – see below

Recently Cast:
2018 Rake (TV) Essential Media & Entertainment – Dir: Matt Saville
2017 Otherlife (FF) WBMC – Dir: Ben C. Lucas

W.A Screen Awards, Best Actress Nomination, 2014, ‘The Manuscript’
W.A Screen Awards, Best Actress Nomination, 2016, ‘The Pineville Heist’
US Hollywood International Film Festival, Best Supporting Actress Nomination, 2016, ‘The Pineville Heist’
Actors Awards Los Angeles 2017, WINNER Best Actress in a Thriller, ‘The Pineville Heist’, 

“I had the opportunity to work with Actress Priscilla-Anne Forder on my Feature Film ‘Otherlife’, which
we shot in 2015. Priscilla landed the supporting role of ‘Miss Wilson’ in the film, after auditioning for Greg
Apps in Perth. Priscilla was well prepared in regards to her characterisation of ‘Miss Wilson’ and was always punctual. Priscilla had great energy and a positive attitude towards each day on set. She got along well with other cast members and crew and always acted in a professional manner. I would highly recommend Priscilla-Anne Forder’s skills as an actress and would love to work with her again.” Ben C. Lucas – Otherlife

Priscilla Forder 2016 Demo Reel from Priscilla-Anne on Vimeo.

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