The gaming industry is big business, predicted to grow from 88 billion in 2015 to over 100 billion by 2017!(1)

This means if your child loves playing computer games, encouraging them to get into making games is not a bad idea at all!

Gaming is not just about playing entertaining yet meaningless games either.

Sure, there is the research that tells us that playing video games creates long-lasting positive effects on basic mental processes such as perception, attention, memory and decision-making (2).

Excitingly though, gaming has even broader applications.

“Gamification” will be increasingly mainstream as developers and business discover that gaming is a valid means of enticing customers and increasing efficiency.  Some examples already ‘in play’:

Puzzle game FoldIt helped AIDS researchers make a significant breakthrough in just 10 days;

SuperBetter helps people accomplish their goals by building physical, intellectual, emotional and social resilience;

OPower makes people responsible with their energy consumption; and

RecycleBank saves the environment by rewarding points that can be redeemed for goods.

If your child is interested in playing games, encouraging them to design their own games is your best next move.


  • American Journal of Play (Fall, 2014)

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