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“Filmbites is like my second family. Through their passion for film, dedication of teaching and love of students. Doing classes and courses at Filmbites has given me the confidence, determination and skills to honour my acting craft and succeed in what I love. Filmbites has helped grow and shape my career into what it is

today. Without Filmbites I do not think I would be where I am now, and I will forever be grateful to Hallie and the team for all their support.” 

Shannon Berry, “Brody”, Offspring Season 6 & 7






Course Structure

Most courses are run over one semester (two terms of 10 weeks each, payable term by term).

Our Curriculum

Filmbites Screen Acting courses are designed to be both practical and fun and are designed to suit specific age groups. Students progress through a new curriculum each semester.  Depending on the level, students will film various filmed outcomes such as short scenes, auditions or a short film in Terms 2 &  4.  

Course Outcomes

Students who make a film as part of their course receive a copy of their film on DVD.  All students also get a free ticket to the Premiere Night, an annual screening of all the student films on the big screen at a commercial cinema in front of family and friends. Our instructors and head of acting are in ongoing talks with our head of casting to identify students ready to join our casting books Filmbites Talent Agency.


Short Stuff

screen acting short stuff 2
Ages: 7-8yrs
Focus areas: Improvisation, re-direction & developing character
Structure: This course is a semester course (two terms of 10 weeks each).
Fee: $235 per term (1.5 hrs class) or $130 pr term (45 min class)

Venue Year Ages Day Time
Malaga Year 1 7 – 8 Monday 3:45 – 4:45pm
Malaga Year 1 7 – 8 Saturday 9:15 – 10:15am

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acting for the screen
Ages: 9 – 12yrs (or where indicated for 13yrs+)
Focus areas: Improvisation, taking direction, naturalism and understanding story concepts and building character and on-set skills such as set etiquette, listening, teamwork, and crew roles.
Structure: This course is a semester course (two terms of 10 weeks each).
Fee: $350 (10 week term) / $325 (9 week term)

Venue Year Ages Day Time
Malaga Year 2 9 – 12 Monday 5 – 7pm
Malaga Year 1 13+ Monday 4:15 – 6:15pm
Bull Creek Year 1 9 – 12 Wednesday 3:45 – 5:45pm
Malaga Year 2 9 – 12 Thursday 4:15 – 6:15pm
Malaga Year 2 9 – 12 Saturday 10:30am – 12:30pm
Malaga Year 2 9 – 12 Saturday 1:30 – 3:30pm
Baldivis (start 2019) Year 1 9 – 12 Saturday 11am – 1pm

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Intermediate Level Preparation

The West rehearsing

Ages: 11-13yrs
Focus areas: Students are evaluated for readiness to the Intermediate level, ensuring reasonable acting competency and feedback before the next level. A year-long, non-production class.
Structure: This course is a semester course (two terms of 10 weeks each).
Fee: $375 (10 week term) / $350 (9 weeks term)

Venue Ages Day Time
Bull Creek 11+ Wednesday 3:45 – 6:15pm

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Lewis and Clara 2011
Ages: 12yrs + or where indicated for 13yrs+
Focus areas: Character wants, journeys and arcs, redirection and alternative deliveries, script and scene interpretation, imagination, information and instinct to create 3 dimensional characters. A year-long, non-production class.
Structure: This course is a year-long course (four terms of 10 weeks each).
Fee: $400 per term


Venue Year Age Day Time
Wanneroo Year 1 13+ Monday 4 – 6:30pm
Malaga Year 2 13+ Monday 4:30 – 7pm
Malaga Year 2 14+ Tuesday 4:30 – 7pm
Hamilton Hill Year 1 12+ Tuesday 4:15 – 6:45pm
PLC Year 1 12+ Tuesday 3:45 – 6:15pm
Malaga Year 1 12+ Wednesday 4:30 – 7pm
Malaga Year 2 14+ Wednesday 4:30 – 7pm
Malaga Year 1 12+ Saturday 9:30am to 12noon
Malaga Year 2 14+ Saturday 9:45am – 12:15pm
Baldivis Year 2 14+ Saturday 1:30 – 4pm


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Filmbites student actors on location with director David Vincent Smith









Ages: 14-17 yrs old

Focus areas: The full year Advanced Course Level 1 consolidates and expands upon acting skills that have been gained through intermediate and introduces aspects of ‘Method’ techniques.  Actors will produce self-tapes for review, a filmed scripted monologue and a filmed production that is shot with our professional grade equipment and will have both a director/ DP and acting coach on set.

Term 1 – Actors are introduced to foundational elements of the teachings of Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler – these include inner dialogue, imagination and the power of physicality. Actors will learn, explore with, demonstrate and apply these method techniques, individually and through group work in improvisation as well as scripted scenes.

Term 2 – Actors will focus on characterisation with consideration of applying voice, physicality, accent and inner dialogue to a specific character and with the filmed outcome being delivery of a scripted monologue.

Term 3 – Actors will apply their skills to the film script that will be produced in term four. Students will prepare for and audition for their roles in the script through improvisation, scene exploration and self-tapes that will be reviewed in class.

Term 4 – Film Production Term

Fee: $550 per term

Venue Level Age Day Time
Malaga Year 2 15+ Tuesday 5 – 7:30pm


Ages: 15yrs +
Focus areas: Recognition, understanding, demonstration and application of Strasberg, Adler and Guskin elements / 2nd year add Meisner & Mike Leigh elements / ability to recognise and respond to direction driven by these ‘methods’ /self awareness of personal acting process/filmed scenes, monologues and one production each year.
Structure: This is a 2 year curriculum. Students can sign up year-by-year, with fees due in the first week of each term.
Fee: $600 per term

Venue Level Age Day Time
Malaga Intensive Year 2 16+ Wednesday 4:30 – 7pm
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Enrolments for 2018 are now closed.

Please register your interest for 2019 here or phone 9209 2689.

Screen Acting July 5, 2016

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