Gaming is massive as popular entertainment, and is also a useful skill for the future, with wide-ranging applications in other fields too. 

So, why just play games when you can learn to make them?

Our students learn Gamemaker software, a user-friendly “drag and drop” program that provides a great introduction to games development. This free software means that students can continue practicing and creating at home, during and after the course.

Students learn the basic interface and navigation, gradually build skills week by week by creating different styles of games, and then developing their own more complex game by the end of each term. Students will also cover the important debugging process too.

Register now to start our new class in 2019. 


Semester course (2 x 10 week terms, payable per term)

Wednesdays 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Open to ages 9 to 13yrs

$350 per term.

Only available at Malaga.


Please register your interest in our NEW gaming class in 2019 here (registering also helps us plan new classes to suit you!) or phone 9209 2689.

Max of 10 places.


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Gaming February 9, 2014

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