FILM-MAKING (Beginner/Intermediate)

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This semester, students deepen their knowledge of how to shape character. They look at creating arcs, conflict and contrast, the importance of backgrounds and explore flaws and strengths. Technically, they look at how to visually introduce characters and how to utilise shot construction to enhance understanding of the character and their journey. They experiment with lighting and further develop their use of DSLR and sound recording. Each student writes and directs a 1 minute short film that demonstrates a strong character set up and arc.

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Venue Level Age Day Time Fee
Malaga Beginner / Intermediate 12+ Saturday 12:30 – 2:30pm $350
Malaga Advanced Year 1 14+ Thursday 4:30 – 7pm $550

To apply for Advanced Film please email with your full name, phone number and a showreel or details of your filmmaking experience.


Click here to view Filmbites students Connor Fantasia-Serve (Writer/Director) and Katrina Tap (Writer/Producer) being interviewed on Channel 10.  Their film Sold, made as part of the Intermediate level course, was selected for Revelation Film Festival 2017 out of 900 entries. Starring Jackson Wimhurst. Film Mentor: Wayne Nicholson.

In 2018 Filmbites students Coco Mata-Heppenstall (writer/director), Jordan Paolillo (Producer) and Conner Fantasia-Serve (DOP) also had their film “The Sound Silence Makes” selected for Revelation.


Student Testimonial 

“I began at Filmbites in the Beginner Filmmaking course 3 years ago, and since then my favourite part of the week has been the few hours spent with my class.

 After my first year at Filmbites I was moved ahead to the Intermediate class. The course began with the fundamentals of film making, such as the different roles and basic filming techniques, and has progressed to be more in-depth across all areas of pre-production, production and post production such as the development of sophisticated scripts, working with actors, and festival submissions.

Filmbites has provided me with the resources and support to express myself and has opened possibilities for me that I would have not been able to achieve by myself.

Not only does Filmbites provide the facilities and professional equipment, but has also given me the opportunity to work with actors and industry professionals. In 2017 I produced and co-wrote a film with my friend and classmate Connor Fantasia-Serve called “Sold” which was selected for the Perth International Revelation Film Festival program, an exciting achievement that may not have been possible without Filmbites. 

I am very grateful for the people I have met at Filmbites and my experience as a student has given me the confidence to pursue film studies, and to work in the film industry in the future. 

– Katrina Tap, 17 (Advanced Year 2)





Filmmaking February 9, 2014