Filmbites Actors at Cinefest Oz launch of Paper Planes

Filmbites Director Hallie Mckeig (second from right) with Peter Rowsthorn (actor), Robert Connelly (director) and Filmbites actors from feature film Paper Plane at Cinefest Oz Festival.



Most Filmbites courses are for young people aged 5-18 years. 

Courses are designed to support students who are focussed on a career in the screen industry, and those who are simply interested in learning useful skills and making more friends.

Courses are offered according to age group, though students with advanced skills may be invited to join an older class. Students progress through new curriculum each semester.

We also offer:



As well as assisting our students learn strong screen skills, students learn invaluable life skills such as communication, team work and discipline. 

Included in the student’s fee is also a DVD of their film each semester, and a ticket to the screening of their film on the big screen, currently held annually at Greater Union Morley.



Malaga (HQ) – Filmbites Studio & HQ, 6/31 Oxleigh Drive
Hamilton Hill – East Hamilton Hill Primary School, Bradbury Road
Baldivis – Mary Davies Library & Community Centre, 17 Settlers Drive
Tapping – St. Stephen’s School, 50 St Stephen’s Crescent
Bull Creek – All Saint’s College, Ewing Avenue 


Term Dates 2018


Term 1 – Mon 5 Feb to Sat 14 Apr  / Term 2 – Mon 30 Apr to Sat 30 Jun 

Term 3 – Mon 16 Jul to Sat 22 Sept  / Term 4 – Mon 8 Oct to sat 15 Dec

St Stephen’s Carramar (Mondays)

Term 1 – 5 Feb to 9 Apr  / Term 2 – 7 May to 25 Jun

Term 3 – 23 Jul to 17 Sept / Term 4 – 15 Oct to 3 Dec

East Hamilton Hill PS

Term 1 – Tues 6 Feb to Sat 14 Apr / Term 2 – Tues 1 May to Sat 30 Jun

Term 3 – Tues 17 Jul to Sat 22 Sept / Term 4 – Tues 9 Oct to Sat 15 Dec

Baldivis – Mary Davies Library and Community Centre (Saturdays)

Term 1- 3 Feb to 14 Apr / Term 2 – 5 May to 30 Jun

Term 3 – 21 Jul to 22 Sept / Term 4 – 13 Oct to 15 Dec

Peppermint Grove – PLC (Tuesdays)

Term 1 – 6 Feb to 10 April / Term 2 – 1 May to 26 Jun

Term 3 – 24 Jul to 18 Sept / Term 4 – 9 Oct to 4 Dec


Awards & Achievements

  • Filmbites is the Town of Cambridge’s Artist in Residence for 2016-2018
  • Filmbites has won and been nominated for numerous Australian Teachers’ of Media Awards (ATOM)
  • We have proudly presented numerous workshops in the Awesome Festival for children since 2016 
  • Students and fans voted us the 3rd best film school in the whole world (Reelshow Survey 2014) and 5th in 2013
  • National finalist for the Australia Council Young & Emerging Artist Award at the Australian Business and Arts Foundation (ABAF) Awards in 2009, in conjunction with Community Arts Network WA and City of Stirling
  • Together with the City of Stirling, we were awarded a Multicultural Community Services Award in 2009 for work on the Reel Connections program
  • Student films have been short-listed twice in the finals for Tropfest Jr
  • Student films have won awards in the Mandurah Short Film Festival



Filmbites was established in 2003, when film graduate and Channel Nine Promotions director, Hallie McKeig returned home to Perth after 5 years overseas working in the film industry in busy Vancouver and teaching English and film in Taiwan. Starting in her house, Hallie’s dedication to her students saw interest grow to the point where 4 years later she leased a studio in Wangara…..3 years later the school’s continued popularity saw another move to larger premises in Malaga.

Filmbites is now also a highly regarded talent agency.



Filmbites recommends

If you are looking for a short course for adults, we recommend Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting, run by Fern Nicholson (2014 WA Best Actress winner at the WA Screen Awards)

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