Age Range: 15-20
Height: 168cm

Ethnicity: Filipino­ Chinese ­Australian
Accents: AustralianAmerican Standard, British, French

Languages: English, Basic French

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Heleina has had serious training, from Acting Intensives in LA to courses at TAFTA and NIDA. Heleina brings any character she plays on screen to life. A trained singer as well keep an ear out for her tracks on itunes and spotify. She has received callbacks for major TV shows and is one to watch!




2018 March (4 weeks) ONGOING- Film and television Masterclass at The Actor’s Station with Les Chantery. Heleina is the youngest ever accepted in this masterclass. 

 2018 Jan-Feb Sydney Actors Collective (SAC) – Acting on Film Intensives with Nadia Townsend and Socratis Otto. Learned how to connect to a character with authenticity, having the freedom to be organic and impulsive in a scene and managing nerves and making them your friend. Heleina really enjoyed learning most of all how to connect to emotions and how to express them and learning fun techniques like Juxtaposition, subversion, playing against, stillness, nuance, accountability and more. 
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“I taught Heleina over four weeks. From the moment she appeared on screen it was clear that she is a natural talent. Her deep sense of honesty and humanity on camera makes her very watchable and relatable. Heleina has an innate vulnerability and warmth which inspires an empathetic connection from the viewer. She can also tap into fierce strength and determination allowing her to access and play a multitude of characters in varied situations. I have no hesitation in recommending this rising star of exceptional ability”- Les Chantery
“I had the pleasure to coach Heleina recently and was struck by her natural effortless talent. She possesses an ease, truth and willingness to delve deeper and connect to truth that had me very impressed and keen to see how she develops. Her flexibility and handling with her US accent in particular will serve her well. Definitely a pleasure and a wise recommendation for anyone interested in working with her.” –Socratis Otto (Hollywood Actor and Acting Coach at SAC)
“During the time spent with Heleina in my classes at Sydney Actors Collective, Heleina has proved herself an actress of extraordinary ability. Though the youngest in the class, she has shown an incredible maturity in her approach to the work. Her ability to breakdown and understand scripts, make intelligent choices and take on direction goes above and beyond. She is fearless, talented and a passionate young actress an asset to any class or production.” –Nadia Townsend (Hollywood Actress/Director/ Dramaturg/Educator at SAC)

“Despite her youth she showed a maturity beyond her years at making the right showreel choices and this was only emphasized in her attitude and talent. Heleina is an extremely talented and competent young actress and she is attending my current Emotions courses where my initial assessment has proved to be correct. Apart from being a thoroughly nice person she is obviously dedicated to her craft and I’m certain that with the right opportunity she will prove to be extremely successful. Dare I say, she is a star in the making.”
John Orcsik, Director, The Australian Film & Television Academy (TAFTA)

“Heleina is dedicated, imaginative, and fearless in her approach to her acting. Very professional and takes direction very well. Hard work and talent landed her a highly reputed manager in Los Angeles” -Judy Landis, Landis Simon Management.

“Heleina makes intelligent choices. With her height and maturity she can play roles older than her age. She is able to switch her Australian accent easily, an impressive trait!” – Carol Goldwasser, Casting Director for Disney and Nickelodeon 

Heleina Zara Reel 2017 from Filmbites on Vimeo.