Daisy Axon

Age Range: 9-12
Height: 143cm
Accents: English, Australian 

Daisy Axon IMDb
Daisy Axon Showcast
Daisy Axon Showreel – see below

Recently cast in:
Judy and Punch (FF – 2019) VICE Media Australia and Blue-Tongue Films

Bio:  Daisy moved from England in 2009 at the age of 3 and loves the aussie way of life. She is very active and attended dance classes for four years before pursuing her love for acting joining Filmbites in 2016. Daisy loves to hang out with friends, she is a social butterfly especially with her rollerboots on! Daisy is GREAT fun to be around and she has a bubbly personality. Daisy is looking forward to her first big step in high school next year.

Daisy’s range, delivery and presence on screen brought her to the attention of judges at the Filmbites training awards. She will be one to watch!!

2016 Outstanding Achievement in Acting Winner  – Filmbites Intermedaite Level Preparation division – Water/The Juggle

2016 Media Super Outstanding Commitment and Achievement award. 

To book Daisy please email casting@filmbites.com.au


Daisy Axon Reel 2017 from Filmbites on Vimeo.

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