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Experience “The Filmbites Way” – learn screen skills in a nurturing environment

We maximise LEARNING by maximising FUN

Small groups of children – real learning and ATTENTION

All instructors have a Working with Children CHECK

Australian Teachers of Media Award WINNERS!


April 2018 Holiday Program

Monday 16 to Saturday 28 April

16 February – Early program released. If you haven’t registered your details with us already, please register here to be advised when programs are released.

1 March – Full program released.

16 March – Early bird 10% off deadline ends

16 April – Program starts. All tickets will state this date. Actual workshop date will be as below and you will receive an email confirmation/reminder approx. 5 days before the workshop.

After-school and weekend Filmbites students!

Enter “student” at the checkout for an additional 5% off workshop fees.


Ages 12 years and under


Through fun activities, you’ll learn and experience some of the fundamental elements of screen acting, including the difference between stage and screen acting, improvisation and the 3 P’s of scene creation in group scenarios.

You’ll also get to be on both sides of the camera, learn about film equipment and on-set etiquette and what it’s like being an extra!




Ages 6 to 9yrs – Mon 23 Apr – 10am to 1pm – $45 – Filmbites Malaga – max of 8.

Ages 9 to 12yrs- Mon 23 Apr – 10am to 3pm – $75 – Filmbites Malaga – max of 12 (see also part 2 below!)

(Book by 16 March for 10% off)

Please click here to book


Part 2 (9-12yrs only)

*Must have done Part 1 in this or previous holiday session.

Expand on what you covered in Part One….and this time we’ll also add some script work, creating scenes, introducing marks and blocking and background characters too.




Ages 9 to 12yrs – Tues 24 Apr – 10am to 3pm – Filmbites Malaga – max of 12.

$55 (Book by 16 March for 10% off)

Please click here to book


Why just play games when you can make your own!

Have a fun day with other gamers learning how to make 3 different types of games with Gamemaker.

A great way to experience making your own games with out getting bogged down in coding, plus you can download the software at home and keep creating!


Ages 9 to 12 yr olds – Fri 20 Apr – 10am to 3pm – Filmbites Malaga – max of 7.

$75 (Book by 16 March for 10% off)

Please click here to book


 * Must have done some screen acting training.

If you’ve done some acting training and are interested in auditioning for TV and film roles, this workshop is for you!

Find out what the audition process is all about and learn some skills to help you win that role!  We can also meet you to discuss your readiness to join the Filmbites Casting book.


Image: Filmbites actor Mia

Ages 9 to 12yrs – Thurs 26 Apr – 10am to 1pm – Filmbites Malaga – max of 10.

$55 (Book by 16 March for 10% off)

Please click here to book


Learn about filming green screen vfx by filming your very own superhero scene in Filmbites very own green screen studio.

You’ll then learn how to use free software to add your own video special effects such as explosions, flying, lightening and more!

We’ll email you a link of your work to keep too.



Image: Filmbites actor Sienna

Ages 9 to 12yrs – Fri 27 Apr – 10am to 3pm – Filmbites Malaga – max of 10.

$85 (Book by 16 March for 10% off)

Please click here to book

Ages 13 years and over 


Make the most of your audition opportunities and get that role! Learn the secrets of auditioning and screentesting with experienced acting coach and casting director Annie Murtagh-Monks. 

  • How do you get an audition or screentest?
  • What do directors & casting directors look for?
  • How should you prepare? – script analysis and research
  • Avoid self-sabotage – ways to approach your audition
  • What not to do at auditions
  • Difference between stage auditions and screentests
  • Who does what in the industry

Participants will be sent a scene/side to learn in advance and will have the opportunity to perform it on camera. Annie will give direction and coaching to help participants deliver their best possible performance. 

Annie Murtagh-Monks has been a casting director and acting coach for more than 25 years.  She has cast numerous television and film productions in WA and been acting coach on more than 13 of these productions. She was casting director for Black Swan State Theatre Co for two years. Annie’s been a sessional lecturer in screen acting at WAAPA since 1996. She helped to cast several acclaimed West Australian actors in their first screen role including Heath Ledger, Melissa George and Jai Courtney and she has also coached many successful Australian actors including Emma Booth (who won the Best Actress Award at AACTA this week for “Hounds of Love”);  Ewen Leslie (who just won Best Supporting Actor for “Top of the Lake” at the same awards); Claire van der Boom who played the lead in the TV series “Pulse” this year and Lucy Durack who recently starred in “Sisters” and “The Letdown”. Annie is on the national executive of the Casting Guild of Australia.

Ages 13 to 18 yrs – Mon 16 Apr – 10am to 2pm – Filmbites Malaga – max of 12.

$90 (Book by 16 March for 10% off)

Please click here to book



Film is a visual medium but the sound is an overlooked and vital part of the overall production. Here’s one for young film-makers who want to develop their understanding and skills in the sound department.  

Led by Brad Habib, award winning sound engineer, and held in Soundbytes professional studio in Leederville, you’ll cover: 





  • Basic understanding of the equipment used on set and in the studio
  • How to dialogue edit and clean up audio
  • Why and when to record ADR
  • How to record ADR
  • Creating foley
  • Creating a sound design
  • How to mix for different mediums.

Ages 13 to 18 yrs – Wed 18 Apr – 9:30am to 12:30pm – Soundbytes Leederville – max of 8.

$130 (Book by 16 March for 10% off) 

Please click here to book

MAKEUP SFX (Prosthetics)

Learn how to use a range of materials to create various movie special effects with special guest instructor, professional movie make-up artist Stephanie Davis. You’ll create your own severed fingers, noses, wounds, scars and more.

All materials included.

Not suitable for those with a latex allergy.

Ages 13 to 17 yrs – Tues 24 Apr – 10am to 3pm – Filmbites Malaga – Max of 12.

$90 (Book by 16 March for 10% off)

Please click here to book


3D is the future and the future is NOW!  

Using free Blender software, you’ll create your own character and background, then create your own short animated scene by the end of the day.



Ages 13 to 17 yrs – Thurs 26 Apr – 10am to 4pm – Filmbites Malaga – Max of 7.

$80 (Book by 16 March for 10% off)

Please click here to book


Learn the key techniques of screen acting, with a  focus on how to achieve a naturalistic performance and the practical knowledge you need to with a film crew on a film set.  




Image: Filmbites actor Cooper

Ages 13 to 17 yrs – Fri 27 Jan – 10am to 3pm – Filmbites Malaga – Max of 12.

$75 (Book by 16 March for 10% off)

Please click here to book


Filmbites is proud to present actor, director and educator, Michael McCall, who will be conducting this very special workshop. Michael will provide participants with a suite of methods that can be easily implemented to successfully support performers through the performance of a scripted monologue.

Michael is a NIDA-trained actor and has directed numerous theatre productions – The Maj Monologues and The Deep Blue Sea (for which he was nominated for Equity Best Director), and several WAAPA productions, to mention just a few. He is currently the Head of Film and Theatre at Notre Dame University and teaches regularly for Bell Shakespeare, NIDA and Curtin University. He recently completed a PhD at WAAPA, looking at performance and writing practices in theatre.

Having been regularly tutored for various organisation since 1999, Michael will offer participants practical methods to assist struggling actors to attain break-through moments, and demonstrate techniques to enhance high achievers’ material. This workshop offers skills and insights relevant to those who audition professionally, considering an application to drama school or working on their high school monologues in a studio workshop setting.

Most suitable for: ATAR Drama students, those intending to audition for WAAPA, and professional young actors who currently or intend to audition regularly.

Ages 15 to 20 yrs – Sat 28 Apr – 10am to 3pm – Filmbites Malaga – Max of 12

$90 (Book by 16 March for 10% off) 

Please click here to book

Workshop terms and conditions:

For the comfort of all participants, please adhere to the age groups listed. Please call the office on 9209 2689 if you wish to make a booking outside these age groups

Cancellations more than one week prior to the workshop will receive a full refund

Other refunds will be made where possible at the discretion of Filmbites

Filmbites reserves the right to cancel any workshop at any time

Filmbites takes no responsibility for any personal items left behind at any venue

Holiday Workshops May 9, 2014

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