How to Enrol

Filmbites Director Hallie Mckeig (second from right) with Peter Rowsthorn (actor), Robert Connelly (director) and Filmbites actors from feature film Paper Planes at Cinefest Oz Festival.











Enrolments for new students are available until week 4 of terms 1 and 3, where available.

Please register your interest here (registering early helps us plan new classes to suit you!) or phone the office directly on 9209 2689.

In the meantime, you can get a taste of Filmbites training in a holiday workshop here.

We hope to see you soon!

How to Enrol November 20, 2017

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Q. Where Are We? (A. Everywhere)

  • Malaga (HQ & main studio)
    6/31 Oxleigh Drive
    (08) 9209 2689
  • Bull Creek (NEW in 2017)
    All Saint's College
    Ewing Ave
  • Hamilton Hill
    East Hamilton Hill Primary School,
    Bradbury St.
  • Baldivis
    Mary Davies Library & Community Centre,
    Settlers Ave
  • Tapping (NEW in 2017)
    St Stephen’s School,
    50 St. Stephen’s Cr.

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