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Filmbites takes pride in offering excellent learning experiences for both students who want a career in the screen industry and those who are simply looking to learn new skills and make more friends.

Our philosophy “The Filmbites Way” creates a nurturing space where young people can express their creativity safely, while encouraging maximum participation, fun and learning.

All our instructors have a Working with Children Check.

Our day courses are held at our studio at 6/31 Oxleigh Drive Malaga which includes two training rooms, green screen studio, computer studio, kitchen and ample parking.

Alternatively, if you have a home school group and would like to book a workshop in Screen Acting, Film-making, Animation, Gaming, Voice/Accent, Make-up SFX or Green Screen VFX, please contact Peta on 9209 2689 or peta@filmbites.com.au.



Intro to Screen Acting (12 to 15 yr olds / lower high school)

Dates: Friday 4 May to Friday 29  June (9 weeks)

Time: 10am to 12.30pm 

Max: 12 places only. 

Venue: Filmbites Studio, Unit 6/31 Oxleigh Drive Malaga. 


This course will follow Filmbites’ Beginner Level 3 curriculum. In term 2, students will develop a two-person scene to film, using and exploring the W’s of storytelling (who, what, when, where and why!).

Students who wish to continue on term by term will start devising a complete short film story in Term 3 and film their short film with the group in Term 4.  

HEWA members enter “HEWA” at checkout for 10% discount
Continuing students enter “Continue” at the checkout for 10% discount

Intro to Screen Acting (8 to 12 yr olds / upper primary school)

Dates: Friday 4 May to 29  June (9 weeks)

Time: 1pm to 3pm 

Max: 12 places only

Venue: Filmbites Studio, Unit 6/31 Oxleigh Drive Malaga. 


This course will follow Filmbites’ Beginner Level 1 curriculum, which introduces students to foundational skills in screen acting including imagination, confidence, team work, listening and communication. Students are introduced to the 3 P’s (people, place, problem) to develop and explore scene ideas.

Students who wish to continue on in future terms will cover the 4 W’s – What, When, Where and Who, expand upon story structure and develop their own story for filming in Term 4.

All subsequent terms will include a 10% discount for continuing students.

Max 12 places
HEWA members enter “HEWA” at checkout for 10% discount


We were lucky enough to discover Filmbites in 2006 quite early in it’s inception and my children and the wider home-schooling community have greatly benefited ever since. In fact I would venture to say that my children would put it near the top of their childhood experiences. They will certainly take the wonderful memories and skills learned into their adult lives. 

As a home-school parent we are always on the look out for something which can be done in a mixed age group which is both educational and fun and covers an area we would have difficulty doing in our own homes and the Filmbites program certainly did all that! Hallie was always most willing to adjust her course to fit our continually changing needs including the ages of the children, their experience, the time we had available as well as considering what the children wished to do. The tutors drove all the way to the hills, often with carloads of equipment and everyone who worked with our children was amazingly patient, gentle and encouraging and at the same time as teaching the children the skills they required they ensured everything produced was entirely the children’s ideas and the children’s work.

I loved that all elements of the movie making process and many jobs involved were given equal importance and therefore ‘movie star’ syndrome never reared its ugly head! Not only was the process itself fun but the children all came away with a hard copy of their movie knowing it was all their own work.I would highly recommend any of the programs offered at Filmbites to supplement anyone’s home-school program. Not only will the children come away with the language and media skills such as script writing, acting, character building, film equipment usage and editing but also develop personal skills including co-operation, patience, self-control and confidence. Liz.


Just wanted to say thanks for sending out the DVD of last terms movie.  My son really loved the class very much and the movie turned out fantastic.  He would love to continue with learning all about making films (he’s thoroughly enjoying the gaming class as well!).   Thanks again to the whole team…you guys are fantastic x J.E.

Home School November 26, 2015

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