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Why choose Filmbites?

Experience “The Filmbites Way” – learn screen skills in a NURTURING environment

We maximise LEARNING by maximising FUN

Small groups – real learning and ATTENTION

All instructors have a Working with Children CHECK

Australian Teachers of Media Award WINNERS!


This July choose from:

Acting (Intro, Auditions Beginner & Advanced and Improv)

Computer-based (Gaming, 2D Animation and 3D Animation)

Film-making (make a movie for Tropfest Jr), and

Make-up SFX (Elf Ears or Latex masks)

All workshops at Filmbites HQ & studio in Malaga.


Intro to Screen Acting

This fun workshop will take you through the must-know details of screen acting, including naturalism and emotions and how to work with a crew.

We can also assess your skill level to suggest an appropriate class for you in Semester 2.

Image: Filmbites acting student Shannon Berry – now on Offspring!


10am to 3pm

Ages 11-15 yrs

Tues 4 July – $65 Click here to book OR

Tues 11 July$65 Click here to book

Auditions Skills (7-12yrs)

Recommended for young actors with some training.

Brush up on your auditions skills before you get your next opportunity.  Find out how the casting process works and what you need to do in an audition.

This workshop is also recommended for actors in training who aren’t with a casting agency, but would like to find out how the casting process works and be assessed for readiness to join Filmbites Talent Agency.

Led by actress and Filmbites instructor Jessica Hegarty, lead actress on two local feature films and numerous short films and TVC’s.

Monday 10 July 10am to 12.30pm

Ages 7-12 yrs

$55 Click here to book

Improvisation Skills

with special guest instructor Glenn Hall

Explore comedy and drama through characters and narrative in soliloquies and scenes.
What moves us to laugh, cry, gasp, celebrate or recoil in horror! What moves us to empathise?
Starting with simple actions and investing in characterisation using body, voice and emotion, Glenn will guide you through the process of creating characters and putting them in situations that move us to respond and feel.
By choosing when and if our characters respond in an expected or unexpected way, we can choose to create drama, comedy – or both!
Now the only question is… how do you want to make people feel with the stories you create?

Testimonials from April workshop participants: 

“Glen is “unique ” and easy to listen to”

 “I liked all of it.  My favourite part was the crappy present segment.  Glenn was a good teacher, he reminded me of Robin Williams.  I learned a lot of stuff like being spontaneous, how to respond quickly, how to make things up on the spot.”

“It was an awesome experience and I had lots of fun. I particularly liked the exercise where the person on the chair had to express an emotion when the person that walked into the room said something meaningless”.

Image: Boost! Improvise workshop with Glenn Hall in April

Tuesday 11 July 11am to 2.30pm

Ages 9-13yrs – Max of 14 participants 

$75 Click here to book

Auditions Intensive (Workshop II)

This 4-day course, led by Filmbites’ Head of Acting Shanta Surendran, is for actors with experience who are looking to build their skills towards excellence in professional auditions. 

Both I and II are complete workshops, and while it is ideal that actors achieve all the skills offered, each workshop can be done independently and in no particular order.

Teen actors interested in being considered for Advanced Training Courses at Filmbites MUST complete BOTH Auditions Workshops I and II, unless they have completed Intermediate Level 3 training at Filmbites.

Mon 3, Tues 4, Thurs 13 & Fri 14 July 

Suitable for ages 13yrs +


$440 Click here to book

Students who may qualify for exemptions can attend for $120 per day (please contact the office on 9209 2689 to arrange) 


Intro to Gaming (Gamemaker)

Why just play games when you can make your own.

Have a fun day with other gamers learning how to use Gamemaker software, then download it at home for free and keep developing (and playing!) your very own custom-made game! 


Mon 3 July 10am to 3pm

Suitable for ages 9-13yrs

$85  Click here to book

Intro to 2D Animation (Flash)

Using Flash software, you’ll create your own character and background, then create your own short animated scene by the end of the day.

Image from “Orange Juice”, Filmbites student Libero’s Australian Teachers of Media People’s Choice award-winning animated film!



Mon 10 July  10am to 3pm

Suitable for ages 11-15yrs 

$85  Click here to book

Intro to 3D Animation (Blender)

3D is the future and the future is NOW!  

Using free Blender software, you’ll create your own character and background, then create your own short animated scene by the end of the day.



Fri 14 July 10am to 3pm

Suitable for ages 13-17yrs 

$85  Click here to book 


Make-a-Tropfest-Movie Workshop (3 days)

Don’t sit around watching movies these holidays. Make your own!

Brainstorm an idea, storyboard the scenes, learn about key equipment such as camera, lights and sound, then direct, crew and act to produce your own film with the group (with guidance from Filmbites’ film-making instructor and green screen guru Tim)!

This film will be entered into the Tropfest Jr competition – this year’s signature item RAINBOW!  You’ll get a copy to keep on DVD too.  Enrol for this workshop and receive a free place in Filmbites Intro to Acting workshop on Tues 4 or 11 July.

10am to 3pm each day 

Suitable for ages 11-15yrs (must be 15 or under to be eligible to enter Tropfest Jr) 

Max. only 10 places.

Wed 5 – Fri 7 July $245 Click here to book  Only 1 place left. 

JUST ADDEDWed 12 – Fri 14 July $245 Click here to book. 


Makeup SFX – Latex Masks

Where will your imagination take you?  

Learn a simple yet effective method to create your own latex mask.  Design, sculpt, coat, decorate, peel and wear!  All materials included.

Led by professional make-up SFX artist and instructor Stephanie Davis.


Wednesday 12 July 10am to 1pm

Suitable for 13-17yr olds 

$85 Click here to book

Make-up SFX – Elf Ears 

Dobby, Legolas, Arwen, Galadriel. Just a few famous movie elves you may have seen on the screen. If you could cast a spell, what kind of elf will you be?  Christmas, Fantasy, Fairy or House-elf?  Hairy, sparkly, scaly, spiky? 

Now you can get your inner-elf on and create you own elf character starting with the most essential elf element – EARS! 

Led by professional make-up SFX artist and instructor Stephanie Davis, this creative, hands-on workshop will have you learning about various SFX materials and techniques.  You’ll design your own ears, mould the shape with clay, create the ‘skin’ with latex then decorate your ears. 

Thursday 13 July 10am to 12.30pm

Suitable for ages 8-12yrs

All materials provided

$45 Click here to book

Workshop terms and conditions:

For the comfort of all participants, please adhere to the age groups listed. Please call the office on 9209 2689 if you wish to make a booking outside these age groups

Cancellations more than one week prior to the workshop will receive a full refund

Other refunds will be made where possible at the discretion of Filmbites

Filmbites reserves the right to cancel any workshop at any time

Filmbites takes no responsibility for any personal items left behind at any venue

Holiday Workshops May 9, 2014

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