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  • Filmbites students produce and direct their own films, act in them and do the special effects and editing. We even train the next generation of computer game creators.

    Filmbites Youth Film School

  • Filmbites Casting trains the majority of our actors through our Youth Film School. We know our actors well and can recommend the most suitable person for your production.

filmbites film school
Our students love filmbites so much, they voted us 5th place in the top ten film schools in the world (Reelshow 2013 survey).
filmbites film school
Not only do we teach kids, but we now have Equipment, Crew & Facilities to hire for your productions. Or get us in to do the whole thing.
filmbites film school
Cast your project here. We have more than 200 young actors on our books and we're training more through Filmbites Youth Film School.

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Q. Where Are We? (A. Everywhere)

  • Malaga (HQ & main studio)

    6/31 Oxleigh Drive
    (08) 9209 2689
  • Hamilton Hill
    East Hamilton Hill Primary School,
    Bradbury St.
  • Baldivis
    Mary Davies Library & Community Centre,
    Settlers Ave
  • Carramar
    Community Centre,
    5 Rawlinna Parkway
  • Bull Creek
    All Saint’s College,
    Ewing Ave
  • Tapping
    St Stephen’s School,
    50 St. Stephen’s Cr.
  • Fremantle
    Bathers Beach Arts Precinct

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